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March/April 2014
36   Carson River Drainage, CA/NV
  Wild and Stocked in the Sierra
By Greg Vinci
42   Provo River, UT
  In the Shadow of Sundance
By Michael Hamilton
48   Punta Gorda, Belize
By Mark B. Hatter
54   Middle Park Colorado River, CO
  A Reprieve for Middle Park
By Ken Proper
8   Fisheye
  An Underwater Perspective/By Patrick Clayton
12   Innovative Fly Tier
  Garner Reid/By Nick Carter
16   Fish Food
  Green Drakes/By Jene Hughes
18   Pioneers & Legends
  George Hugo Edward Boldt, 1903-1984,
The Man Who Wielded the Gavel on
Tribal Salmon/By Don Roberts
22   Around the Southwest
  News, Views, and Piscatorial Pursuits
32   Exposure
  Colorado Travelogue/By Stephen Collector
62   Trip of a Lifetime
  Soaring Eagle Lodge, New Mexico/By Toner Mitchell
68   Conservation
  Clear Creek Colorado Trout
Restoration Project/By Fred Fraikor
86   In the Vise
  Shucked Up Emerger/By Rich Strolis
88   Fish Tales
  Borrowers and Lenders/By Alan Liere


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