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Jan/Feb 2016
Sabine National Wildlife
Refuge, LA

By Lefty Ray Chapa

“Whee-eeeeee.” I felt like that very happy pig in the TV commercial with its head out the car window and holding a pinwheel. My expression turned...

Rio Chama, NM
By Toner Mitchell

In two key respects, fishing the Rio Chama at Abiquiu, New Mexico, is like hunting steelhead. First, your chance of finding what you came for, at least in terms of getting a fish on the line, is often...

Scuds: Breakfast of Champions
By Don Roberts

You can buy a packet of three dozen or more live Gammarus specimens (aka scuds) on eBay for $15, with free shipping. Of course, a quick search online will reveal other sources: aquarium enthusiasts...

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