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Nov/Dec 2014
Comanche Creek/Valle Vidal, NM
By Brian Maiorino

Comanche Creek is located in the northernmost part of the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest. The creek itself is only 10 miles from the Colorado state line, just a stone’s throw away if...
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Pearl Lake State Park, CO
By Ken Proper

The first snow lingers only in the shade of the evergreens. A gentle wind stirs the golden aspen leaves with a quaking motion then lifts a few skyward. They hover, swirl, and dance in the air...
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Innovative Fly Tier: Blane Chocklett
By Beau Beasley

I’m a veteran paramedic, which means that I’m the guy you want by your side when you’re having a heart attack. Whereas others panic in a crisis, I...
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